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When I literally couldn’t let loose of a small pair of knitting needles one day a few years back, I started thinking that there should be a way to make my knitting experience more relaxing and comfortable. It didn’t take long to see that flat needles could be the answer. Indeed, they aren’t for everyone, but there are several of us already that are enjoying the pleasure of low stress knitting with my ‘Ohio Flats’’.

For those that like the ‘old spool knitting’… Here is the option to knit with pegs. I have the double lucets in assorted sizes, that will make different size of I-Cord, as would different size knitting needles, and then there are the knitting looms, that make all the same size stitches, but with different amounts, so that you essentially make different size tubes. These can be made in ‘finger friendly’ or ‘pick style’.

Many items that  make can be intermingled with others so you’ll probably want to browse all my items, to see what you may ‘need’ that you didn’t know was possibly out here.

The end of hand cramps when knitting.

On the left, are knitting looms, with preemie or doll hats, made with worsted weight yarn.

On the right, is what knooking can look like.

Ohio Flats, first year were
Capped with ‘Ohio’.
Double Lucets can be
Used as ‘french knitters’.
Knitting Looms for those
that prefer to;
‘not use the ‘sticks’’.
Pocket handled hook,
made with a hole for a
loop of yarn.
Ohio Flats, knitting just
Like standard round, 
Except less stress.
A pick is used
with a loom and 
sometimes the
double lucet.
Knooks are tools to
do a form of knitting,
with a crochet style