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It’s like a dream come true for us aging or ailing Crocheters! These hooks are the result of a ‘chain’ of my thoughts and experiments to find a hook that allows me to crochet with comfort for a long stretch of time. Let me add, These are great IF you are a ‘Gripper’. (This means you hold it like a wrench.) I make these in regular, extended, or pocket lengths.

Doesn’t matter if you are a ‘Penciler’ (This just means you hold it like you would hold a pen.) or if you are a ‘Gripper’, This style hook adds grace to your crocheting! I’ve always tended to be a little tight with my loops, these seem to help me even out my work. Each hook is individually hand turned, by me. These may be in regular, extended or pocket lengths.

I also make a variety of specialty hooks. Here we see a really big hook, but also in this list of specialties would be ergonomics with fatter handles, or different choke lengths, pocket hook handle shape, on a regular length hook, or how about an embellishing head, for crocheting lace, etc on manufactured socks or sleeves. Rug hooks made of solid wood, and more.

What kind of Crochet Hook will work well for you?

This is my original style pocket hook. It’s fat handle has a hole in it for hanging on a key chain, yarn as a wristlet, or etc. These hooks are handy if find yourself often in waiting rooms, or for knitters to bring up lost stitches. One of my main points of design for these…I want them to fit easily into a purse, while having a handle that is comfortable for hands that experience ‘issues’ with standard crochet hooks.

Ergonomic handled hooks,
made in many sizes.
Ergonomic handled hook,
made with assorted woods.
Taper handled hook, pocket
sizes and up.
Taper handled hook, regular
Pocket handled hook, made
with a hole for a loop of
Straight handled hook,
made in wide range of
large custom sizes.